This international group of artists shall now be exhibiting at the historical premises of „U ZLATÉHO KOHOUTA“, a beautiful gallery in the centre of Prague in the Czech Republic, only a few metres away from the Old Town Square and Charles Bridge.

Specifications of accepted works:
canvas, acryl, oil, photographs on desks, sculptures, plastiques.
In case of interest, please fill in the application form here:
The application form must be sent by the 20th June 2019 at the latest, together with a photograph of one of the exhibited works in the following quality: minimum 200 dpi
This work of art shall be presented in the invitation leaflet and in all other advertising materials.
It is necessary to cover the exhibition fee in favour of ARISTA ART,
to the bank account
IBAN: CZ40 0600 0000 0000 4343 4343

MONETA Money Bank a.s.
Nám. Arnošta z Pardubic 6
282 01 Český Brod

by 20th June 2019 at the latest.

It is necessary to deliver the works of art during the 1st – 20th June, 2019
to this address:
MgA. Jiří Macht
Líbezná 213
251 68 Kamenice
Praha – východ
Czech Republic, Europe

*Artists provide transport for their artwork at their own expense and responsibility.

Exhibition’s fee includes:
The selection of individual works of art
Professional installation
Professional and personal attendance during the course of the whole exhibition
Information services
A festive vernissage with buffet

Fees for the exhibition of artwork:
The BASIC package:
Two artworks of 100 to 120 cm : 550 Euro
The STAR package:
Four artworks of 100 to 120 cm : 900 Euro

ARISTA ART would be more than happy if you could participate at our exhibitions. We would like to ask you for a small exhibition fee which shall cover the costs for the trustees, technical services, lighting, energy, historians and other professional needs.

We are looking forward to mutually cooperating with you in the near future and wish you success in your career as an artist!