Binding Agreement - Application Form
International exhibition in Prague

DATES:  7.7.-.22.8.2023
LOCATION:  Galerie U Zlatého Kohouta, Michalská 3, Prague 1 - Old Town
OPENING: Friday 7.7.2023 6 p.m.

Exhibit with Arista Art: at firstrepeatedly

REFERENT: Zuzana KřovákováMirela Zukalother
(who contact you)

With this binding agreement the artist assure the presence for the above mentioned exhibition


550 eur for 2 artworks
900 eur for 4 artworks

The artist to send artwork’s Picture, indicated title, media, measures, year, web site or other links immediately after sending the application form.
The artist has to provide exhibition fee in unique solution immediately after sending application form. The payment of the exhibition fee guarantees your playce at the international exhibition.

The artist send the artworks since 22nd June to 30th June 2023 to the corganizators adress:

Husova 131

250 83 Škvorec, Praha – východ

Czech republic, EUROPE

The artist send or bring the artworks since 1st July or 2nd July
2023 to the gallery:
“ U Zlatého Kohouta Gallery”, Michalská 3, Praha 1 - Staré město, Czech
Republic, Europe

Inform us, please, about sending before sending.

In case the artist will not be able to take part of the exhibition. Arista Art ask to be informed untill 20th May 2023.
There is 50%
penalty of exhibition fee. In case of delate after 20th May 2023 the
artist will have to pay a penalty commensurate to the 90 % of
exhibitional’s tonal price.
 Artists will need to arrange transport for
their own works, at their own expence and risk.
 Further, Arista Art is
not be responsible for any possible damage to artist's works in their
posession, whether that be while hanging in the gallery or in storage.

The artist gives the Arista Art permission to process personal data in
accordance with the GDRP Act.
The artist gives Arista Art permission to use photographs of artworks
etc. for promotion and presentation.

Please return your printed, signed and scanned contact via email to

Please send us email: with photography of your
exhibiting artworks, DPI 200, till 30th April 2023

Thank you very much for cooperation,
we are doing maximum for your art! 🙂

, .

Arista Art:

The artist agrees to allow their personal data to be held by PROSPIRIT s.r.o., the company hosting the Aristaart project.